Girls fastpitch travel softball association in Central NJ.



Players Code of Conduct

One of the goals of the organization is to help the girls grow to be good citizens and positive role models.  To that end, this is our Players Code of Conduct and applies to players at all age levels.



  • Ninjas and Witches act with good sportsmanship at all times, win or lose.
  • Ninjas and Witches recognize the game is for her and her teammates and not their parents, family members, and or friends.
  • Ninjas and Witches know that winning is a result of practice, execution, and teamwork.
  • Ninjas and Witches realize that she represents the Ninja organization, her family, her team, and friends when she puts on the Ninjas uniform. 


  • Ninjas and Witches treat teammates, opponents coaches, umpires and fans with respect.
  • Ninjas and Witches will do her best to be on time for practices and games.  She realizes that being late affects all of her teammates and coaches and that her playing time may be reduced by repeated lateness to or absence from games or practices.
  • Ninjas and Witches know that communicating with her coaches is important; she should ask as many questions as she needs to if she needs guidance, but she will not badger the coaches about playing time or positions.
  • Ninjas and Witches understand the best way to be assigned her preferred position or place in the batting order is by working hard through additional practice which will improve her performance.  She accepts the decisions of the coaches. 
  • Ninjas and Witches will cheer for her teammates but never cheer against an opponent or umpire.
  • Ninjas and Witches will never criticize her own teammates and coaches, the opposing team and coaches, the umpires or the fans by word or gesture.

Playing the Game

  • Ninjas and Witches play hard, but never tries to hurt, interfere with, or bully any other player. 
  • Ninjas and Witches learn and follows the rules of softball seek to learn the rules.
  • Ninjas and Witches take care of her equipment and lets her parents or coaches know when her equipment is needs repair.  She never throws her bat, helmet, or any other equipment.
  • Ninjas and Witches will immediately make the coaches, other players, and officials aware of any unsafe equipment or field conditions.
  • Ninjas and Witches will immediately make her coaches aware of any unsportsmanlike conduct by the opposing team (abusive language, illegal slides/ contact, intimidation, bullying, threats).